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Professional Work & Recent Projects

Branch Icon Branch Metrics

Branch gets your users, especially first time users, into your app's content and helps retain them through best-in-class deep linking. Branch also provides metrics to gauge your app’s growth with sophisticated tools like cohort analysis and fraud prevention.

I worked at Branch during their phenomenal growth phase when they went from a small startup with fewer than 60 employees in a single office to a company with unicorn valuation and offices world wide.

I was responsible for the iOS SDK, instituted automated tests, analysis and builds, and wrote the tvOS / macOS SDK as well as a number of example apps and documentation.

Xcode GitHub Icon Xcode-GitHub App for macOS

While working at Branch Metrics I needed a way to automate the build and test process for our SDKs and other projects. I wrote the Xcode-GitHub macOS app that monitors new pull requests on GitHub and creates Xcode bots to test them. The open source code is available on GitHub.

GitHub Icon Github ProjectsE-B-Smith

Here are some hopefully useful things on GitHub I've been working on.

BeingHappy Icon BeingHappy

Suppose you could really measure happiness? Suppose you could predict and take action on not only your own happiness, but whole groups of people’s happiness? This project combines quantified self, big data, and mobile technology to explore these intriguing questions.

SideCar Icon SideCar

I helped start SideCar, the early ride sharing service.

Before Lyft, when Uber was just a limousine company, and taxis were both horrible and expensive, SideCar had the first on-demand ride-sharing service where regular people gave rides to other regular people. Nobody else was doing ride sharing like this, and at the time it was a little illegal, very competitive, and pretty exciting. I wrote the iOS versions of the app.

ipMap Icon ipMap

Where are all those internet servers you're connected to right now actually located in the world? I wrote a small macOS app that answers just that question.

The ipMap app shows the geographic location of each of your current internet connections on an oblique equal-area cylindrical projection of the world map.

You can watch where your internet end-points are located while you surf the web, run a torrent, check your email, or file share.

Relcy Icon Relcy

Relcy brought deep search to iPhone and Android. Because your phone is with you all the time and knows so much about you, it’s an ideal platform for directed, task-specific search. We combined search and app deep-linking to make your phone a better tool. With Relcy you could, for example easily plan your evening: find a restaurant, reserve a table, and get a ride to the restaurant with just a few taps on your phone.

Relcy in iTunes

OffAir Icon OffAir

OffAir is a retro screen saver for Mac OS X.    Retro: Television was analogue and went off the air at night (Hey kids! T.V. used to go off the air at night! There were three channels!) and had test patterns and static and stuff. Analogue is cool.

Check Your Science Icon Check Your Science

Check Your Science advises screen writers, playwrights, fiction writers, journalists and publishers to help them accurately depict science, mathematics and medicine in their work. We often work with the Manhattan Theater Club and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.